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NANO IRON, the biggest european supplier of nZVI products, is pleased to announce they will be sponsoring and attending Nano-4-Rem workshop focused on applications of nanotechnology for safe and sustainable environmental remediations. The inaugural workshop is organized by Southeastern Louisiana University (SELU) from June 5 through June 7 at the campus of SELU.

The workshop, Nano-4-Rem: applications of nanotechnology for safe and sustainable environmental remediations, provides an opportunity for representatives from the environmental remediation community, industry, academia, and government to:


  • Share their perspectives, pose questions, and develop ideas for design of good guidelines, selection criteria, and work practices to support safe and sustainable nano-enabled environmental remediation;
  • Become acquainted with other U.S. nanotechnology stakeholders, including vendors, transporters, and contractors of the remediation sites and communities; and
  • Share case studies of nano-enhanced clean up technologies, including selection criteria for alternative remediation strategies and methods, job planning, job tasks, and nanomaterial handling practices.


The presentation by NANO IRON representative will demonstrate the recent results of nZVI applications through the overview of the studies conducted and the field applications. The presentation will further summarize the latest practical experience and give recommendations related to nZVI application and remediation. Toxicity, future development of nZVI and other iron-based products will be also discussed.