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The company is ready to provide samples of water slurry products NANOFER 25, NANOFER 25S and also NEW dry air-stable powder NANOFER STAR primarily for scientific and R&D purposes. The company reserves the right to refuse sending of samples.  Larger samples are provided under agreed-upon conditions.

For industrial application, the product is distributed as water dispersion as well as dry powder.

Samples of NANOFER STAR for laboratory testing

If you are interested in samples, please contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Samples of NANOFER 25 and NANOFER 25S for laboratory testing

Sample price (include worldwide express shipping):

weight EU CANADA
Europe - non EU
Other countries
3 x 0,1 kg individual offer individual offer individual offer
0,5 kg € 44 € 47 € 70
1 kg € 61 € 64 € 93
1,5 kg € 77 € 82 € 117
2 kg € 94 € 99 € 140
2,5 kg € 110 € 116 € 162
3 kg € 126 € 132 € 183


Distribution and Storage of water slurry products – NANOFER 25 and NANOFER 25S

Water dispersions are distributed in canisters of weight of 10, 20 and 40 kg (option: 0,5kg of product in PET bottle and IBC containers for higher volumes).

In respect to our product testing and identification, let us inform you that NANOFER 25 and NANOFER 25S products are an extremely reactive dispersion of iron nanoparticles that – if in contact with oxygen (even contained in water) – intensively oxidize. Fe(0), which is capable of a pollutant reduction in contaminated water so efficiently, changes to Fe3O4 – magnetite. From this reason it is necessary to process the material as soon as possible. For more information, please read the article Product ageing.


Distribution and Storage of powder products – NANOFER STAR and NANOFER 25P

NANOFER STAR is distributed in steel canisters (100g, 1kg, 5kg) packaged according to ADR legal requirements. The product can be stored in original packaging for unlimited time in cool and dry environment. Please avoid contact with water and excesive heat before use.

NANOFER 25P is distributed in special, gastight containers which must be purchased or possibly put a deposit on. It is required to buy a batching device for the application, which makes it possible to batch exactly the required amount of NANOFER 25P into any type of dispersion, under the protection of inert gas.

Verified storage time: NANOFER 25P may be stored for unlimited time. The gas pressure must be checked from time to time and adjusted if necessary.