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Industrial dispersing unit DI 50

Industrial dispersing unit DI 50 is designed for direct manufacturing of nZVI slurry from the dry nano-powder (NANOFER 25P).

The equipment provides manufacturing capacity of 50 kilograms of slurry in one batch and is dedicated particularly for on-site production of large volumes of nZVI slurries applied in groundwater remediation. Earliest application of fresh manufactured material maintains highest possible reactivity and mobility of nanoparticles. It is also possible to disperse other nano-powder materials besides nZVI in various liquids.

Industrial dispersing unit DI 50 is equipped with vacuum pump and inert gas inlet with automatic pressure regulation enabling to process metal nano-powders and slurries under protective atmosphere. Protective inert atmosphere prevent product degradation by air oxygen. The unit includes also a water filter and cooling device.

Nano-powder NANOFER 25P is delivered in steel containers with maximum capacity 10kg of the dry product.

Further technical details are available upon request.